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Volkswagen Creating BMW 5 Series Fighter

(Credit: Volkswagen)

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Volkswagen Creating BMW 5 Series Fighter

2014 Volkswagen Passat

2014 Volkswagen Passat (Credit: Volkswagen)

Some people might laugh at the thought that Volkswagen is looking to take the fight to BMW, considering that its bigger brother Audi is perhaps better equipped for such a showdown. Then again, Audi has had plenty of chances to take on the 5 Series, 3 Series, and the rest of the BMW lineup.

The rumor of the planned VW comes via German publication Auto Bild. The car would sit above the Passat and below the Phaeton. Supposedly, it will come as a notchback sedan and undoubtedly plenty of design drama. Expect something that is geared at American and Chinese consumers. Auto Bild also says that a shooting brake or wagon version of the new model is being weighed.

When you think about it, the dynamics of the automotive industry are changing in ways previously thought impossible. Hyundai has produced a luxury sedan that has rocked the boat. Kia is rolling out designs that have people looking twice. Toyota Camrys are advertised as being exhilarating to drive, like riding a rollercoaster or some such nonsense. Why can’t Volkswagen make a car that goes toe-to-toe with the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class?

VW has every reason to throw its hat in the ring. The brand would win big credibility by pulling off such a feat. The brand’s lately sales have been sputtering out in North America, but the 5 Series and company see continued strong demand even as crossovers explode in popularity. The new VW model supposedly would cost about as much as a 3 Series, making it a more budget-friendly alternative in the market.

The new model would likely be constructed in North America. It also could be constructed on the same platform as the Audi A6 or at the very least share a considerable amount of technology with it. Some are saying the car will be built on the Passat’s platform. It’s entirely possible that VW doesn’t know which way it will go yet.

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