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Say Goodbye To Audi V8s

(Credit: Audi)

Fuel Efficiency

Say Goodbye To Audi V8s

 2014 Audi R8

2014 Audi R8 (Credit: Audi)

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of climbing behind the wheel of an Audi with a V-8 engine, you know why this is truly sad news. Instead of a quick death, a source inside Audi is telling Autocar the death of the V-8 will be slow and subtle. Maybe the idea is people won’t notice?

Instead of the hard-hitting V-8s, we’ll be getting turbocharged V-6s, and eventually four-bangers with electric assist motors. The ultimate goal is to convert everything to purely electric motors. You can thank Dieselgate for an accelerated pace for this plan, because the Volkswagen Group has a seriously damaged image and reputation it needs to repair.

The other factor that’s reportedly killing the Audi V-8 is development costs. Apparently, the company is pouring everything it can afford into getting electric models ready for production, and the move is incredibly expensive.

This move will affect other Volkswagen Group brands, if it turns out to be true. Again, this news isn’t official, and Audi could change its mind, but for now it sounds like if you want a V-8 Audi you might only have a few years left to get one that’s brand new.

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