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Rendered: 2017 BMW M7

(Credit: TopSpeed)

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Rendered: 2017 BMW M7

TopSpeed 2017 BMW M7 rendering

TopSpeed 2017 BMW M7 rendering (Credit: TopSpeed)

It looks like BMW will finally make the M7 once the new generation of the 7 Series launches. Mind you, nothing is official yet and so this isn’t set in stone, and there’s always a chance BMW backs out at the last moment, or something like that.

German automotive website already has unveiled multiple details about the future super sedan. TopSpeed took all of that information, combined it with the teaser videos and spy shots that have been released for the new 7 Series, and created a nice rendering of the M7.

As TopSpeed points out, there’s a reason why BMW is finally giving into the pressure that’s been around for a long time. While the Alpina B7 was enough to tango with the Mercedes S63 AMG and other similar vehicles, the heat’s been turned up by Cadillac of all brands, thanks to its increasingly aggressive V-Series models. The CT6-V will be joining the lineup, a fact that clearly is making the Germans nervous.

There are legitimate photos of the 2017 BMW 7 Series floating around, but the M7 remains a mystery. TopSpeed used the latest company design trends to make an educated guess about the performance sedan’s appearance, while keeping things a little on the conservative side. Still, it looks quite a bit wilder than the regular 7 Series, thanks to big air intakes, reworked bumpers, more hostile taillights, trunk lid-mounted spoiler, quad exhaust pipes and other aero touches from front to back.

The new model will likely feature larger wheels, otherwise known as spine crushers, which will boost performance. Although pure speculation, it’s probable that BMW will pipe engine noises into the passenger compartment through the speakers, helping drivers feel like they’re more aggressive while sitting on a plush leather seat.

A number of changes will come under the new 7 Series’ skin, which will directly affect how the M7 performs. The car will feature a Carbon Core that increases the sedan’s rigidity and cuts down on the curb weight. As a result, the M7 should handle well enough for its size.

What do you think of this rendering of the 2017 BMW M7?

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