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Mercedes Officially Announces AMG GT3

(Credit: Mercedes-Benz)

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Mercedes Officially Announces AMG GT3

 2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (Credit: Mercedes-Benz)

The rumors have turned out to be true as Mercedes has announced that it will be making an AMG GT3. The racing version of the car that is aimed squarely at the Porsche 911 will be the successor of the SLS AMG GT3. The new model will launch for 2016, which gives everyone plenty of time to salivate and fantasize about what it must be like behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, Mercedes is playing this one close to the vest and has not released many details about the upcoming vehicle. Surely it will be a well-crafted vehicle that should be at least worth opponent to the 911 GT3. Mercedes has disclosed that starting in 2015 the car will go through a testing process that it is calling “intense.” There’s no doubt that the car’s performance will be measured, evaluated and tweaked in extreme ways.

While nothing official has been announced yet, it seems almost certain that consumers who are flush with cash will have the privilege of purchasing a production version of the AMG GT3. When that will happen, now much the car will cost, and other details will hopefully be revealed in the near future.

The AMG GT3 has a tough act to follow. The SLS AMG GT3 has racked up quite a few motorsports victories. Just in the 2014 season, the car claimed 34 overall victories, as well as six championships titles and two endurance race titles. Its podium finishes added up to 101, while the class victories came in at 52.

This news does not mean that the SLS AMG GT3 is now dog meat. Mercedes says it will keep supplying parts and other forms of support for the old car even after the AMG GT3 launches. Just how long that support will be around is not quite clear right now.

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