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Honda Unveils the FCV Concept

(Credit: Honda)

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Honda Unveils the FCV Concept

Honda FCV Concept

Honda FCV Concept (Credit: Honda)

Fuel cell vehicles should be all the rage in the automotive industry in the near future, which is making some electric vehicle proponents see red. One of the upcoming models is being developed by Honda, which has given a peak at what the final product might look like. The automaker recently took the wraps off the FCV Concept. In addition, Honda says it will be making a special announcement at the Los Angeles Auto Show about what it is doing to grow the hydrogen infrastructure in California.

Of course, Honda is pretty practiced at making fuel cell vehicles that don’t just sit at an R&D facility. The Honda FCX was the first production fuel cell model in the entire world and was launched way back in 2002. The company has had the benefit of testing out the technology in a number of real-world scenarios, including in sub-freezing temperatures.

The entire powertrain for the FCV Concept fits inside the engine compartment in the front of the vehicle. Because of that fact, Honda says that the five occupants enjoy more room that usual. Refueling the car takes about three to five minutes, while the driving range is about 300 miles.

The FCV Concept isn’t just a vehicle, but also a source of energy in a pinch. The car will be shown off with the Honda Power Exporter, which can act as a generator for a whole house. Such a feature makes a lot of sense in the event that a natural disaster knocks out power lines

The production version of the car will hit Japan first by March of 2016, with the United States and Europe following after. Back in 2013, Honda and GM got together and agreed to work together on the next generation of fuel cell technologies, which were set to launch by 2020. Honda says that everything seems to be on track for that original deadline, meaning fuel cell vehicles could become even more compelling by then.

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