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Dodge Releases Centennial Ad (Video)

(Credit: Youtube)

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Dodge Releases Centennial Ad (Video)

Dodge Centennial Ad

Dodge Centennial Ad (Credit: Youtube)

You learn a lot in 100 years, which is the main message of Dodge’s new centennial ad it just released at the New York International Auto Show. The commercial features several people over 100 years-old, each of them dispersing advice about life.

“Always tell the truth,” one wrinkled old man sagely states.

“Live for now,” a woman pleads.

“Learn from your mistakes,” another man firmly declares.

The commercial plays out like a sappy documentary about growing old and wise, which draws parallels with Dodge’s journey as a brand over the past 100 years. It’s unlikely that most consumers look at a Grand Caravan and think that it represents sage wisdom, but the commercial does an excellent job of establishing the connection.

And then things take a turn in the commercial as clips of the new Challenger doing a burnout are interspersed with the same senior citizens offering more raucous advice than before. In some of the clips, the centennials are shown behind the wheel of the Challenger, a menacing look on their faces. Maniacal laughing ensues as the roar of the Challenger’s V8 fills the background.

“Don’t be a sissy,” declares a man.

“Don’t bitch,” advises another.

“Don’t always do what you’re told to do,” counsels another.

Wise advice from an older generation, which apparently Dodge is listening to. As the snippets from the seniors end, the viewer is left with a shot of the 2015 Dodge Challenger kicking smoke from its back tires. Text appears in the smoke, stating “You learn a lot in 100 years.”

“And never, ever forget where you came from.” The last piece of advice from the seniors is perhaps the best one of the bunch.

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