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Nissan NV Vans Get Mild Updates for 2018

(Credit: © Nissan)

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Nissan NV Vans Get Mild Updates for 2018

It’s not sexy — hell, it’s not even remotely pretty — but the Nissan NV lineup of vans gets the job done. Not only does it offer a roomy cargo van for plumbers and such, but it also has a 12-person passenger version primed for a Brady Bunch reunion. Recently, these massive people and cargo haulers arrived in their 2018 duds with a few updates.

The 2018 Nissan NV Cargo gains a rearview camera, 5-inch color display audio system, Bluetooth connectivity with streaming audio, hands-free texting, and a USB port all as standard features. Also new is the standardization of the Power Package equipment from 2017, which includes power windows with driver’s side one-touch down, power door locks with central locking, auto door lock, and remote keyless entry, on the S trim.

Unsurprising, the 2018 Nissan NV Passenger gets all the same enhancements as the cargo model plus standard cruise control with steering wheel controls on the S trim.

Other than these tweaks, both versions of the Nissan NV remain unchanged in 2018.

Pricing on the 2018 NV Cargo runs from $28,730 to $35,100 with the standard roof height, while the high-roof models range from $31,880 to $37,250. As for the 2018 NV Passenger, it runs from $35,050 to $41,900.

While all the questions about the 2018 Nissan NV are answered, one detail remains unexplained: Why the heck is the kid in the press image (above) skateboarding on the grass? Riddle me that, Nissan…

Somewhere, Griff Tannen and his cronies are laughing about this.

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