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BMW Offers Door Projectors for 2 Series Convertible

(Credit: BMW)

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BMW Offers Door Projectors for 2 Series Convertible

2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible

2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible (Credit: BMW)

BMW has finally revealed all the juicy details for the new 2015 2 Series Convertible. Car shoppers should be tempted by the impressive specs for the car, or dazzled with the luxurious and innovative features. One optional piece of equipment is really sticking out right now, but probably not for the reasons that BMW would like.

If the car is so equipped, every time the driver or passenger open the door, an embedded LED light projects the BMW insignia on the ground. While it might seem like a great idea to have a puddle light that illuminates where the driver or passenger are about to step, the fact that it projects what is already slapped all over the exterior of the car is in questionable taste.

Considering that BMW drivers have picked up a reputation for being self-absorbed jerks, whether that reputation is well-deserved or not, such a feature certainly won’t help reverse that viewpoint. Already, a number of media outlets have picked up on the new optional feature and have made fun of it to with no end in sight. After all, the lights are pretty interesting when it comes to form.

Is it possible that a BMW driver or passenger would forget what kind of a car they’ve been inside? Do the projector lights jog your memory on a regular basis, because it would be embarrassing to tell people you have a Mercedes-Benz when you really drive a BMW. The other function of the lights is to look cool and impress those who are highly impressionable.

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