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Your Hyundai Might Lose Its Steering Wheel

(Credit: Hyundai )

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Your Hyundai Might Lose Its Steering Wheel

Cars need a few items to work correctly, like steering wheels. While it’s true that some prototypes like Google’s adorable koala-mobile don’t, I’m not aware of any Hyundais like that. This is why the news that some Hyundais might suddenly feature a detachable steering wheel is disturbing, to say the least.

If you or anyone you know owns a 2018 Santa Fe or Santa Fe Sport, you need to check this out. Hyundai is recalling 43,941 of them.

In the official NHTSA announcement, the government assures everyone that Hyundai will contact vehicle owners if their crossover has been recalled, while dealers will also check Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport models that come to the service department. Personally, I wouldn’t wait to hear from Hyundai, because having the steering wheel come off the steering column while you’re in rush hour traffic would most definitely constitute a code brown moment.

You can call Hyundai’s customer service team at 855-371-9460, probably wait on hold for a ridiculous amount of time, and ask them if you need to do anything. Have the VIN on hand to make the process easier. Or, you can call NHTSA to deal with some government red tape while you’re at it, but last I heard they’re dealing with some funding cuts, so they might be a little short on staff to answer phones.

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