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Will Lincoln Make a Mustang-Based Coupe?

(Credit: © Ford)

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Will Lincoln Make a Mustang-Based Coupe?

2015 Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang (Credit: © Ford)

Ford Motor Company is really working to make Lincoln something more than just a line of badge-engineered Ford models. While there are hopefully some thrilling luxury sedans and crossovers in the works behind the scenes at Lincoln, apparently there are also some indications that a Mustang-based Lincoln sports luxury coupe might be in development.

If that’s true, and that is a big if right now, it could be an incredibly smart move on Lincoln’s part. Right now, Lincoln needs something that will turn heads. There just isn’t much pizazz with the likes of the MKZ, and Lincoln’s model lineup is pretty sparse. If Ford ever wants the luxury brand to have even a fighting chance against the likes of Cadillac, or better yet Mercedes and BMW, more models are a must. As it stands right now, Lincoln can compete with Acura for the award of “Most Pathetic Luxury-Like Model Lineup.”

What would a Lincoln based on the next-generation Mustang look like? Plenty of people in the automotive industry have weighed in with speculation and even some theoretical renderings. Unfortunately, many of those look too much like the current lineup, or essentially like the rear of the new Mustang married with the boring and weird-looking nose that dominates the current Lincoln models.

Lincoln has a chance to really change perceptions of the brand with this whole rumored Mustang-based vehicle, if it really happens. If it turns out to be a Mustang with an ugly nose, it will be a sign that all of the talk about turning over a new leaf was just that, talk.

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