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WayRay Pushes Holographic AR Nav for Cars

(Credit: WayRay )

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WayRay Pushes Holographic AR Nav for Cars

Have you ever wanted all those cool telemetry features from Forza on your real-life car? I know I have, and thankfully WayRay is coming to the rescue with a product called Navion. This solution could revolutionize how we all travel.

Navigation can be distracting, because you have to look down at a screen to see details on where you’re going. WayRay’s Navion system is AR navigation, so the info is overlaid on the windshield. To keep everything user-friendly, the interface is visible at 30 feet ahead of your car, instead of projecting right in front of your face. Even better, you don’t have to wear some weird glasses or a headset to use Navion.

WayRay Navion (Credit: WayRay )

All kinds of interesting information, beyond just turn-by-turn directions, are projected by Navion. Things like points of interest, parking areas, pedestrians, and more are all highlighted seamlessly in full color. It’s a cool way to provide distraction-free information.

But wait, there’s more. Content is tailored for each individual. That means what the driver sees in the augmented reality isn’t the same as the passenger, which makes sense. WayRay hopes to have an ecosystem where developers can create all kinds of apps for Navion. There are obvious purposes for AR in driving, like applying a follow line for track racing or warning the driver of potential hazards when navigating city streets, but this tech seems to open up all kinds of possibilities.

WayRay Navion (Credit: WayRay )

Navion sits on the car dashboard. The unit is compact, so it isn’t obtrusive.

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