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Watch The BMW M2 Take On The 1M Coupe

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch The BMW M2 Take On The 1M Coupe

BMW 1M vs BMW M2

BMW 1M vs BMW M2 (Credit: YouTube)

BMW M2 versus BMW 1M Coupe: it’s a matchup we’ve all dreamed about, and now we get to see it play out in real life. Both are true enthusiast cars from a company that has a stellar history for catering to enthusiasts.

When the 1M debuted, gearheads went crazy. It was lightweight, powerful, simple and had a manual transmission. Because it was made in a limited run, not too many ever got into the hands of enthusiasts. Now, we all have another chance with the M2, but is it just as good, or even better?

If you glance at the specs for the two cars, the M2 outguns the 1M hands down. But as Carfection points out in the video below, with greater power does not necessarily always come greater performance. Watch the video and see the result, then be the judge.

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