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VW Just Added 40 New Colors to the Golf R Palette

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VW Just Added 40 New Colors to the Golf R Palette

The Volkswagen Golf R is an incredible piece of hot-hatchback engineering, but its five available colors limit its attitude. In 2019, Volkswagen will put an end to boring Golf R paint options with the release of the new Spektrum Program.

The Volkswagen Spektrum Program takes the available color options on the 2019 Golf R from five to 45. Volkswagen of Canada and Volkswagen of America teamed up to develop a list of 40 new custom colors that would appeal to customers, enhance the 2019 Golf R’s attitude, and pay homage to VW’s heritage. It did just that, as some of its colors include Viper Metallic Green from the Euro-spec Mk3 Scirocco, Deep Blue Pearl from the Mk4 and Mk5 R32, Ginster Yellow from the 1997 Driver’s Edition GTI, and Mars Red from the Mk1 GTI.

Volkswagen Spektrum Program

Volkswagen Spektrum Program

Volkswagen will soon give buyers the ability to review the array of colors with a new 360-degree colorizer at American dealerships will also soon have full color sample kits, so buyers can see these hues in person. Keep in mind that these are custom colors, so you have to special order them and wait about four months for the vehicle to arrive in your hue of choice.

Each of these special hues will set you back $2,500 — a small fee to pay to give your R a little extra bite.

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