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VW ID Buggy is Here to Brighten Your Day

(Credit: Volkswagen )

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VW ID Buggy is Here to Brighten Your Day

With so many snarling fascias in the automotive world these days, it’s always great to see a friendly face. That’s exactly what we get with the new Volkswagen ID Buggy concept, which just debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Not only are there those friendly round headlights and no angles that look as if they’d cut you, the ID Buggy has no doors or roof. That means open-air enjoyment. Plus the upper portions of the body are painted a nice lime green.

Volkswagen ID Buggy concept (Credit: Volkswagen )

Just like all Volkswagens called ID, this Buggy concept is an all-electric vehicle riding on the company’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB). Unlike other cars created with this platform, this EV has a weatherproof cockpit. That’s pretty amazing, considering the whole dash is digital, showing that electronics don’t have to ruin the fun.

Of course, the ID Buggy isn’t a performance vehicle. The electric motor puts out 201 horsepower, while the 62 kWh battery provides about 155 miles of range. That’s perfect for tooling around the beach, some trails near home, or some sand dunes.

If this concept becomes a production vehicle, Volkswagen says there’s a way to make the two-seater a 2+2, plus add a second electric motor for four-wheel drive. You can even detach the composite upper body from the chassis and replace it with all kinds of creations. Basically, VW is showing us that technologically-advanced EVs don’t have to kill all the fun we’re used to having with cars, and that’s perfect.

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