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Volvo XC60 Sales Reach New Milestone

(Credit: © Volvo)

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Volvo XC60 Sales Reach New Milestone

2014 Volvo XC60

2014 Volvo XC60 (Credit: © Volvo)

The XC60 has been a solid performer for Volvo Cars. Since it was introduced in 2008, the crossover has been the brand’s top-selling vehicle worldwide. Now the Volvo XC60 has reached the half-million unit sales mark, demonstrating just how successful the model has been so far.

Of course how can anyone mention the success of the Volvo XC60 and not point out that the model received a huge boost in awareness thanks to a starring role in a silly, but popular, movie about sparkling vampires.

The first time the XC60 break through the 100,000 units sold in a year mark was in 2012 when 106,203 units were sold worldwide. During 2013, sales rose again to 114,000 units. In fact, sales of the Volvo XC60 have increased every year since 2008, indicating that the model will be around for some time to come. Volvo has reported that through April of 2014, 41,920 units have been sold so far for the year.

Naturally, everyone is wondering where the historic 500,000th Volvo XC60 went. It turns out the vehicle was sent to a consumer living in the United States. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows about the model, because the U.S. auto market is the model’s top market in the entire world. Sales in China have been rising dramatically, coming within only a few thousand of what was sold in the United States last year, meaning 2014 could easily be the first year that the Chinese have purchased more XC60s than any other nation on the planet. Other top worldwide markets for the model include Germany, the United Kingdom, and of course Sweden.

Volvo Cars is projecting strong sales growth from the XC60 for 2014. It has stated that sales are expected to surpass 100,000 once more, which is an extremely safe bet at this point.

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