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Volkswagen Announces Next Generation TDI Engine

(Credit: © VW)

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Volkswagen Announces Next Generation TDI Engine

Volkswagen TDI

Volkswagen TDI (Credit: © VW)

Volkswagen recently announced details about the next generation of TDI Clean Diesel engines, which have been designated EA288. The announcement came from Douglas Skorupski, Manager of Technical Strategy for Volkswagen of America during and address he delivered at the Automotive World Megatrends USA conference. During the announcement, Skorupski divulged that the new engine will be used on the 2015 Golf, Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Jetta, and Passat. Those 2015 models are all slated to hit dealerships in the second half of 2014.

The automaker has seen increasing success with its TDI Clean Diesel engine line. During 2013, Volkswagen Group of America said it sold 105,899 TDI Volkswagen and Audi brand vehicles in the United States, marking the first time the company had sold more than 100,000 diesel passenger cars and SUVs in the United States during a calendar year. As a result, VW has been the clearly dominant force in the diesel passenger cars and SUVs market, capturing 75 percent of all sales in the market segment for the year. Combined, VW and Audi sell 12 different TDI models in the United States automotive market currently.

“The Volkswagen Group is a leader in Clean Diesel technology,” said Skorupski. “With the introduction of the new EA288 engine, we are excited that our family of TDI Clean Diesel vehicles is continuing to improve and will be even cleaner and more fuel efficient and powerful. We’re excited to see the increasing numbers of customers able to enjoy the reliability, durability, fuel-efficiency and power of Clean Diesel engines.”

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