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Viper Price Cut Resulted in a 140-Percent Jump in Sales

(Credit: © Dodge)

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Viper Price Cut Resulted in a 140-Percent Jump in Sales

2015 Dodge Viper SRT

2015 Dodge Viper SRT (Credit: © Dodge)

When Dodge announced that it was slashing prices on the Viper by $15k and handing out $15k coupons to existing fifth-gen Viper owners, we figured a sales boost would be the end result. What we didn’t expect was a 140-percent jump from the previous year, but that is exactly what we got.

According to Chrysler’s sales stats for September 2014, it delivered 108 Vipers to new homes. Exactly one year ago only 45 Vipers found their way to new owners, which adds up to a 140-percent volume change from 2013 to 2014. What’s even more incredible is the jump from August 2014 to September 2014, as Dodge delivered just 38 Vipers to new owners in August, resulting in a 184-percent volume change between the two months. Additionally, The refreshed 2015 Viper is about to hit dealers, and we will likely see another sharp uptick in sales when this occurs.

While these increases are rather impressive, they do not paint the entire picture for us. We also have to consider just how many fifth-gen Vipers Dodge took in on trade and will likely sit on for quite some time, and how these $15k discounts affected the Viper’s bottom line. Having worked in the auto sales industry before, I find it hard to believe that Chrysler actually has enough of a profit margin in the Viper to make much money with these discounts in place. Chances are that Chrysler barely broke even with each of the 108 Vipers it sold in October.

Regardless of the profit and loss argument, this sales increase goes to show that one big issue behind the Viper selling so slowly seems to be pricing.

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