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Toyota Is Making A Second Generation Of The 86

(Credit: © Toyota)

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Toyota Is Making A Second Generation Of The 86

2017 Toyota 86 (Credit: © Toyota)

With lackluster sales and accusations of dealers not pushing the car, the Toyota 86’s future has seemed bleak. Thankfully, Toyota seems to be dedicated to making sports cars, maybe as a way to prove it’s really not so boring after all.

Whatever the reason, we should be getting a second-gen Toyota 86, per a report from Autocar. Whether or not the new version is going to be developed along with Subaru isn’t apparent, and Toyota executives are saying nothing about it. One of the reasons why the first-gen Toyota 86 handles so well is the boxer engine drops the center of gravity closer to the ground. To forgo such a design for the second generation would seem like a huge mistake.

In other words, this new probably means we’ll see a second-gen Subaru BRZ, too. And no, enthusiasts won’t stop wishing for an STI version, because that only makes sense.

Perhaps Toyota will churn out a convertible version of the 86, or a shooting brake, like the amazing Scion concept car. As long as the 86 keeps breathing, there’s still hope for people who want an affordable, fun car that isn’t a Mustang.

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