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This Is What A New Chevy Bolt Battery Will Set You Back

(Credit: Chevrolet )

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This Is What A New Chevy Bolt Battery Will Set You Back

One of the big questions people have about hybrid or electric cars is how much maintenance costs. Electrification fanboys always proudly declare their vehicle is superior because it doesn’t need oil changes, tune-ups, etc. But the cost of batteries is an area anyone should rightly ask about.

Now we know how much a replacement battery for the Chevy Bolt costs, thanks to GreenCarReports. A new Bolt battery isn’t exactly cheap at $15,734.29. Most car engines don’t run that much. Naturally, you can get one for less from somewhere other than the dealer, but it’s still going to be expensive.

At what point would you even need to swap out the battery from a Bolt? Chevy told GreenCarReports that not a single Volt battery has been replaced under warranty. While that’s great, it doesn’t tell us how many have been replaced with the owner footing the entire bill.

More likely is the replacement of one or more modules in the battery. Considering how much the battery costs as a whole, don’t expect that to be cheap.

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