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The Tesla Model X is Delayed, Again

(Credit: Tesla Motors)

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The Tesla Model X is Delayed, Again

2012 Tesla Model X Concept

2012 Tesla Model X Concept (Credit: Tesla Motors)

In a move that should have surprised nobody, Tesla has announced that the Model X’s release will be pushed back yet again. This isn’t the first time that a Tesla model has seen delays, and sadly isn’t the first time the Model X launch date has been adjusted. The all-electric crossover will help the automaker increase its current vehicle offering and help appeal to consumers who crave vehicles that appear more utilitarian than traditional sedans.

People who have put down cash on the Model X are going to have to wait until the third quarter of 2015, which spans from July through September. The delay, according to Tesla, is the result of additional quality and validation testing being performed. The automaker says that it is taking the prudent route and ensuring that the new vehicle is in top shape when it hits the market, providing consumers with a more enjoyable ownership experience. Considering the high rate of vehicle recalls in 2014, that might not be a bad move after all.

Not too long ago, Tesla Motors was actively trying to convince people who have put down money on the Model X to purchase or lease a Model S instead. That move alone indicated that the company knew another delay was likely and was a way to keep waiting consumers happy.

So far, nobody really knows what the production version of the Model X will look like. Prototypes have been shown off, initially featuring cameras instead of side mirrors. The falcon-wing doors will make their way into the final product, says Tesla, and will allow users to specify how high they rise.

Originally, the Model X made a huge splash in the automotive industry back in 2012 when it was just a concept. The vehicle was supposed to launch in December of 2013, but that was pushed back to December of 2014 by March of 2013. In February of this year, the release of the Model X was pinned to March of 2015.

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