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Tesla Model III May Have a Range of More Than 250 Miles

(Credit: © Remco Meulendijk)

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Tesla Model III May Have a Range of More Than 250 Miles

Tesla Model III Artist Rendering

Tesla Model III Artist Rendering (Credit: © Remco Meulendijk)

Elon Musk spoke to a group of people at the Edison Electric Institute’s annual convention on June 8th. During his speech, Musk let out a few details about the upcoming Model III. Some of these details we already knew, like its anticipated price of about $35,000, but other bits of information were new.

The one bit of information that really stands out is the anticipated range that Musk mentioned. In all other conversations, Musk has estimated the Model III’s range as more than 200 miles, but at this convention, he mentioned it would be more than 250 miles. Was this simply a mistake in the CEO’s speech, or has testing shown that the Model 3’s range will be greater than the company initially thought?

In my personal opinion, I think it the Model III simply beat the initial range estimates in testing. I also believe the claims of more than 200 miles were very conservative, considering the old 60 kWh Model S exceeded 200 miles. With less weight to haul around and likely a 70 kWh battery, it’s only logical that the Model III travels at least 250 miles.

So far, the Model III remains on schedule for a 2017 release, but as we learned from the Model X, this is sometimes very flexible. Fortunately for the Model III, Tesla is scaling down the number of advanced features its small sedan will have relative to the SUV. These features, like the falcon wing doors, are the likely culprits behind all of the Model X’s delays. Given almost all of the technology behind the Model 3 is already available on the Model S, this should be a pretty smooth release.

Stay tuned for more information as we approach 2017.

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