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Subaru Axes the Crosstrek Hybrid in 2017

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Subaru Axes the Crosstrek Hybrid in 2017

17_Crosstrek-sideThe Subaru Crosstrek has been a relative smash hit since debuting as the XV Crosstrek in 2015. In its second year, it gained a hybrid powertrain that added a new wrinkle to the lineup. Recently, we featured an article outlining the 2017 Crosstrek lineup and noticed that the Hybrid model was missing. My interest piqued, I couldn’t help but reach out to Subaru. Turns out, the Crosstrek Hybrid will not return for 2017

The Subaru rep didn’t go any deeper into why the Crosstrek Hybrid is no more, but I would assume it’s due to the take rate relative to the standard model. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as the base Crosstrek checked in at $22,445 while the base hybrid variant came in at $27,245 – a whopping $4,800 premium. Even in the Limited trim there was a $4,900 spread between the two hybrid and non-hybrid models ($30,845 vs. $25,945).

In years past, this price difference wouldn’t have been an issue, but the Crosstrek Hybrid’s biggest rival, the RAV4 Hybrid, has a gap as small as $800 between it and its respective non-hybrid model. Heck, even the base RAV4 Hybrid LE is only $1,600 more than the base RAV4 LE AWD.

Other than the pricing gap, the Crosstrek Hybrid did what is was supposed to do. It had a mild power increase relative to its base model (160 horsepower vs. 148 horsepower) and saw big-time increases in its city fuel economy (30 mpg vs. 26 mpg).

Subaru didn’t mention whether this is just a temporary hiatus to rework its powertrain and pricing or if it was a permanent elimination. We’ll just have to wait and see on that.

Stay tuned for updates.

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