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See the Zenvo TSR-S Rear Wing Do Crazy Stuff

(Credit: YouTube)

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See the Zenvo TSR-S Rear Wing Do Crazy Stuff

It’s official: rear wings have now jumped the shark. The Zenvo TSR-S was recently recorded tearing up a track. Its wing can pivot, instead of just moving up and down, really tweaking the kind of downforce it provides. The wildest part is the wing can tip left or right as the car goes through a turn.

Keep in mind that this car is the street-legal version of the TSR. It uses a flat-plane crank V-8, plus twin superchargers for an otherworldly sound. A carbon fiber body and stripped-down interior keep the curb weight down, making for a seriously fast vehicle.

But back to that wing. It’s called a Centripetal Wing. It can act as an air brake, plus pivot to boost cornering performance. This goes beyond the adjustable flaps Pagani has used. Just imagine driving this thing on the road. It will get loads of attention.

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