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Say Hello To This 2,000 Horsepower American Hypercar

(Credit: Trion)

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Say Hello To This 2,000 Horsepower American Hypercar

Trion Nemesis RR

Trion Nemesis RR (Credit: Trion)

From the moment it was announced, doubters and haters have lined up to say that the Trion Nemesis was nothing but “vaporware.” It’s not the first time an American automaker has been accused of selling smoke and mirrors. Tesla struggled with that widely-held perception until the Model S (finally) came to market.

It’s easy to understand why people would doubt the very existence of the Nemesis. After all, it’s a hypercar that pounds out 2,000 horsepower, making Koenigsegg and Bugatti look weak. That’s why it’s a big deal that only a year after it was announced, Trion is showing off a life-sized model of the Nemesis, giving future customers a taste of what’s to come.

The video below comes from Alejandro Salomon, a YouTube user who also happens to own multiple supercars. He was at the private event where the Nemesis model was unveiled. According to him, Trion plans to make several versions of the vehicle, including a limited edition that will cost $2.2 million. Only ten will be made, and each one also includes a small stake in the company.

Of course, you could call the entire Nemesis lineup limited, because production numbers are likely to be pretty low.

Trion is remembering that not everyone can afford to pay over $2 million for a car, which is why the Nemesis N1-RR will be more budget-friendly at only $1.6 million. If you want to go even more affordable, the N1-GT comes with some cutbacks, including only 1,400 horsepower and no roof.

No matter the version of the car, all Nemesis models pack a twin-turbo V-8 engine. Trion says it estimates 0 to 60 times at about 2.8 seconds and a top speed of over 290 mph. Interestingly enough, the plan is to also use cameras instead of side mirrors, something Tesla, Honda and others have unsuccessfully attempted.

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