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Porsche Planning Dizzying Number of 911 Models

(Credit: Porsche )

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Porsche Planning Dizzying Number of 911 Models

Can you keep all the Porsche 911 models straight? Over the years, the selection has ballooned from just a few to eight. New statements from Porsche’s CEO indicate the automaker is about to proliferate new 911 models like bunnies on a carrot farm.

The really great news is there will be an even greater emphasis on the 911 GT models, something many people admire but can’t quite afford. With the GT program’s expansion toward the end of the 991’s life cycle, 911 sales apparently soared higher than ever before. Porsche wants to repeat that success, so hopefully we can expect both a GT2 and GT3, not to mention RS variants of both.

Porsche’s CEO warned that some surprises are in store for the 992. Let your imagination run wild about that, like a return of the 911 R and maybe a 911 Dakar, if wild and crazy wishes are on the table. A fully-electric 911 doesn’t appear to be in the cards, at least for now, so purists can relax.

We do know a “lifestyle” pillar will complement the base and GT series, which is certainly a big shift in strategy. Exactly what these future Porsche 911s will be like is anyone’s guess, but this definitely is a bid to expand the car’s appeal to even more shoppers.

Source: Evo

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