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Porsche Celebrates One Millionth 911 Made

(Credit: Porsche)

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Porsche Celebrates One Millionth 911 Made

Few cars are more iconic than the Porsche 911, which has been around for over five decades. That’s why it’s a big deal that a car so many lust after and love driving just hit a huge milestone, with the one millionth ever produced.

That landmark car is a Carrera S. It wears a green paint job, plus special commemorative badges, setting it apart from others.

To celebrate, Porsche did what everyone should do with a 911: go on a road trip. The one millionth 911 led a convoy of 20 historic models through the Scottish Highlands. The group included a 959, a 1967 911 Targa, and even a GT1. Partway through the 500 mile journey, the drivers stopped off at a race track and celebrated the other thing people love about the 911: exciting track dynamics.

As part of the commemoration, Porsche released some interesting facts about the 911. Out of the million made, about 70 percent are still roadworthy, which is amazing. In motorsports, the car has carried drivers to over 20,000 checkered flags.

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