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Porsche And Audi Will Start Playing Nice With Each Other

(Credit: Porsche )

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Porsche And Audi Will Start Playing Nice With Each Other

With Porsche and Audi already being blood brothers, since both are part of the Volkswagen Group, the two share everything from small components to engines. There’s been some friction between the two in the past, but that’s been melting away. If anything, the coming automotive technology revolution will force these two to stick together like nothing else.

One prime example of this new friendship came via a recent announcement from both brands. They’re going to be sharing platforms, and that’s great. Quite frankly, it can only make Audis and Porsches that much better. As they say, two heads are better than one. Both brands have some incredible engineers, and could help preserve some of what makes cars these days so fun, as vehicles become electrified and more autonomous.

Many times in the recent past, Porsche has said it’s dedicated to building drivers’ cars, not robotic taxis. Some have questioned how it will pull that off, because some people think nobody likes to actually drive. By teaming up with Audi, the two can band together and fight for the right to drive something exciting. We can all get behind that cause, so I say best of luck to the happy new couple.

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