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Mercedes Creates Digital Headlight Tech

(Credit: Daimler )

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Mercedes Creates Digital Headlight Tech

Mercedes HD headlight technology

Mercedes HD headlight technology (Credit: Daimler )

You want really bright headlights, so it’s easier to see where you’re going at night. The problem is really bright headlights could blind other drivers. If you’re not an inconsiderate jerk, this troubles you. Mercedes has created an incredible solution.

Newly developed HD headlights contain over a million tiny mirrors each, plus a microchip. Basically, the beam that comes out can be changed according to conditions, and it happens automatically. That makes for a level of customization you just can’t get with today’s headlights.

Not only can the lights adjust to not blind other drivers, they detect cyclists and provide them with the same courtesy. If a pedestrian is crossing the road ahead, the light pattern can change to show sensors have detected the person.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. These headlights can project HD images on the road in front of you, showing special messages like safety warnings. If you’re about to go through a tight spot, the headlights can project a shaft of light that’s the same as the width of your car, helping you to judge if you’ll fit or not. Navigation instructions, like turning left at a certain street, also show up in the light. It takes the concept of a head-up display to the next level.

If the lane markings are worn out, the headlights can them, making the marks more visible. The possibilities for this tech is almost endless. But don’t expect to see it on any production vehicles, at least not for a few years.

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