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Mazda Will Restore Your 1st Gen Miata

(Credit: Mazda)

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Mazda Will Restore Your 1st Gen Miata

Do you have a first-gen Miata that isn’t looking so great? You’re in luck, because Mazda wants to restore it. This isn’t some rumor, but has been confirmed by Mazda directly.

Of course, you’ll need to pay the price of the work. Oh, and you have to live in Japan, where apparently the cars are like members of owner’s families.

For now, Mazda’s just taking orders for Miata restorations. All work of course will be performed with OE components, with the end result being complete factory specifications. In other words, it’ll be like your car just rolled off the assembly line, again. The first vehicles from the new program should fire up in 2018.

This won’t be some one-size-fits-all restoration service. Each customer will get a personal meeting, and Mazda will assess the needs of the vehicle. From there, the customer and manufacturer make a plan to bring the roadster back to its full glory.

So far, Mazda’s not saying if it will expand the Miata restoration project outside of Japan. Likely, many in the United States would be interested, although cost could be a negative factor.

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