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Kia Flashes New Minivan

(Credit: © Kia)

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Kia Flashes New Minivan

Kia Minivan Teaser

Kia Minivan Teaser (Credit: © Kia)

Kia is flying high these days, with seemingly no market segment out of reach from the South Korean automaker. While the company has made over its vehicle lineup, providing incredible quality for the price, the Sedona minivan has continued on in its dated and quite frankly pathetic form. Seriously outgunned in the small yet competitive minivan market segment, Kia has flashed a picture of a new minivan.

The yet-to-be-named minivan is mostly shrouded in shadows, like some sort of a dark vigilante that is waiting for the right moment to strike fear in the hearts of evildoers, or in this case other automakers. The public will get a good, non-shadowy look at the new minivan model during the New York International Auto Show in the latter part of April. What can be seen of the new model reveals an overall athletic design, with a high beltline and lower roofline than other minivans on the market. The design language has been typical of Kia models lately, along with the brand’s trademark “tigernose” grille that is prominently featured in the picture.

Few details about the upcoming model have been released. It will have sliding rear doors like other minivans on the market and seating for up to eight. Other small details like the engine and transmission so far have not been leaked or officially announced, leading to wild suppositions by some.

At the moment, the Honda Odyssey is the undisputed champion of the minivan segment in the United States. Chrysler has been caught up in reflection as it wonders if it should dump either the Dodge Grand Caravan or the Chrysler Town & Country. Apparently seeing the opportunity to edge out Chrysler and put up a good fight against Honda, Kia is moving for a swift resurgence in the minivan segment.

More details about the new Kia minivan, including a model name, will be coming in the near future.

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