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Honda Rumored To Be Readying A Fit Sedan

(Credit: Honda)

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Honda Rumored To Be Readying A Fit Sedan

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit (Credit: Honda)

Subcompact vehicles are still a hot growth area in the US automotive market, and the segment could become a little more crowded if rumors that Honda is readying a Fit sedan are true. The company is about to launch the HR-V, which is a crossover model based on the Fit.

In other parts of the world the Fit is sold as the City, and a sedan is already in the product mix. The plot has thickened since a user on the Honda fan site Temple of VTEC posted a photo of a Honda City sedan driving around California. Reportedly, the license plate on the car indicates that it is part of the automaker’s public relations fleet.

Honda is already set up to pump out a bunch of Fit sedans. Both the Fit and HR-V are manufactured at a new factory in Celaya, Mexico, which was designed solely for the assembly of subcompact vehicles. That’s a pretty serious commitment on Honda’s part, and the facility has the ability to increase production by quite a bit, making it likely that the company will use the facility for pumping out more than the two current models.

The most likely engine for the Fit sedan would be the 1.5-liter Earth Dreams four-cylinder, which is the only engine on the current Fit hatchback and will also be in the HR-V. For those wanting to conserve fuel, this is excellent news since the EPA rates the engine at 36 mpg combined, when it’s paired with a CVT.

While the Honda City sedan might look small, it’s ironic considering that a few generations ago the Civic was roughly the same size. Considering that Honda took the time to ship the subcompact car to California, there’s likely a strong possibility that we’ll be seeing the car take the market by storm under the Fit nameplate.

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