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Honda Brags About Civic Type R ‘Ring Lap Time

(Credit: Honda)

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Honda Brags About Civic Type R ‘Ring Lap Time

The world’s fastest front-wheel-drive production car, that’s what Honda wants you to believe about the new Civic Type R. That’s because the new hot version of the Civic ran around the Nurburgring in just 7:43.80.

Already, people are poking holes in Honda’s claim. It happens each time an automaker claims a record lap time at the ‘Ring, because such claims are controversial.

Let me be up front and say Honda didn’t use the exact same car you’ll see at dealerships. It installed a roll cage, because that’s smart. The company also admits it was a “pre-production mode that was technically representative of production specification.” Translation: it’s close enough to production spec to count, because Honda says so and nobody verifies ‘Ring lap time attempts, so there.

What does this all mean? For starters, it means the new Civic Type R is the real deal. The car doesn’t just look mean, it is a real track weapon. Sure, it’s no Aston Marin or even a GT350, but who’s been claiming it is anyway. The thing’s front-wheel-drive, so what can you expect? Still, that lap time is impressive.

Even better, this hot little hatch is coming to America. Sure, the few units that make their way here will be snatched up in no time. In reality, this is a kind of halo car for Honda, something to laugh at people who laugh at the pathetic torque output for other Civics.

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