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GM Working With US Military On Fuel Cell Colorado

(Credit: General Motors)

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GM Working With US Military On Fuel Cell Colorado

GM-TARDEC Fuel Cell Concept teaser image

GM-TARDEC Fuel Cell Concept teaser image (Credit: General Motors)

This October, we’ll finally see a joint prototype GM and the United States Army have been working on. It’s based on the Colorado, with a fuel cell powertrain.

Hydrogen could pose some serious benefits for the military. Instead of being dependent on fuel sources from other countries, hydrogen could be made domestically in large quantities. In theory, different military units could even manufacture hydrogen while on the go.

Fuel cell vehicles also make little to no sound. Since they use electric motors, full torque delivery is instant, making quick speed bursts possible. The vehicles could be used as generators for mobile camps, and can even supply some drinkable water.

Before you get all excited, don’t expect to see a civilian version of this truck anytime soon. For now, the prototype is being used as a demo for fuel cell technology in military applications, per Green Car Reports. While it’s great to fantasize about driving something like the Warthog from Halo, it looks like we’re still not quite there.

CEO Mary Barra must be a fan of fuel cell tech. General Motors has entered into an arrangement with Honda to share developments with each other.

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