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Ford Mach-E Will Anger Mustang Fans

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford Mach-E Will Anger Mustang Fans

After a lot of rumors about whether or not Ford was working on a Mustang-inspired all-electric crossover, it’s now apparent our worst fears have come true. Using the iconic galloping pony insignia, Ford issued an official announcement that the Mustang Mach-E will be revealed this Sunday. Yikes.

There’s been talk of doing an Electric Mustang for some time, or even just a hybrid. That would be an understandably controversial move, because Ford supposedly learned a few decades ago that messing with what the Mustang stands for is off-limits.

Instead of dipping its toe into the water that way, Ford has decided to go all in and create an EV crossover that rides on the Mustang’s coattails. Sure, some people will argue that isn’t the case, especially the folks in Ford’s PR department, because that’s their job. But I’m telling you now Mustang fans of all ages aren’t going to react well to this announcement.

Just think about what the Ford Mustang stands for: wild freedom, reckless abandon, the old Wild West, the golden era of muscle cars, and more. Do any of those things have a connection to soccer mom crossovers?

Mitsubishi’s pillaging of the Eclipse name to try selling a crossover should’ve stood as a warning to Ford, but apparently the powers that be at the Blue Oval learned nothing. Now they’re going to pay a dear price, just watch. This comes at a time when Ford really can’t afford a big misstep, and that desperation is probably what’s driving this ridiculous plan, which is quite sad. Stay tuned for more news about this atrocity.

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