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Ford Is Cooking Up an Explorer ST

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford Is Cooking Up an Explorer ST

Ford wants to sell more ST performance vehicles. People are obsessed with crossovers. I guess the Blue Oval put two and two together, because the word on the street is that a hopped-up Ford Explorer ST is in the works.

Don’t laugh, because remember that Jeep has the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Oh, and there’s the BMW X5 M, and the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63. These models have shown that quick utility sells, and Ford really needs the money. Sure, the Edge ST is already coming, but it doesn’t have three rows. How else are you going to get the kids to school on time?

The Truth About Cars claims Ford will use the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 from the Lincoln Continental and MKZ. If so, that means the Explorer ST should boast around 400 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque, depending on how the engine is tuned. Don’t be surprised if those figures are much higher, because you need to teach the kiddos all about g-forces.

This is where The Truth About Cars’ report gets screwy: apparently, the Explorer ST could be rear-wheel drive only. I doubt that, because those other performance SUVs I listed off before have all-wheel drive. For those of us who live where it snows, a rear-wheel-drive SUV with tons of power is like signing your death warrant.

So, the Fiesta ST is out, but we get this.

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