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Chrysler Is Turbocharging and Otherwise Upgrading the Pentastar V6

(Credit: Chrysler )

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Chrysler Is Turbocharging and Otherwise Upgrading the Pentastar V6

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Credit: Chrysler )

A new report from Automotive News confirms what many have suspected: Fiat Chrysler will be launching and upgraded version of the Pentastar V6 engine. People have not only been speculating about when the changes would take place, but what exactly the changes will entail. Turbocharging has been part of the rumor for some time, and it still seems to be in the mix, as do a few other fuel-saving technologies like direct fuel injection.

Such upgrades to the popular V6 engine are necessary if the company is to meet the increasing fuel economy standards required under CAFE. Such engineering wizardry promises to boost efficiency without engine output taking a dive, which would avoid repeating the unfortunate automotive history triggered by high gas prices in the 1970s. Still, some Chrysler fans will likely lament the fact that their vehicle will be using a snail shell to provide extra boost under the hood.

According to the Automotive News report, the first vehicle that will make use of the turbocharged Pentastar V6 is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Several other models will follow close behind. The revised engine will reportedly be paired with an automatic nine-speed transmission that will also lend itself to increased efficiency.

Fiat Chrysler’s decision to move forward with the new setup could also be fueled by the success Ford has been seeing with its EcoBoost engine lineup. For example, the F-150 pickup can be had with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine, which has become an extremely popular option with consumers who want to save on gas yet still enjoy plenty of utility from their truck. By offering a turbocharged Ram 1500, Fiat Chrysler would be better able to offer a compelling alternative to consumers.

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