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Cadillac Explains 2015 Escalade LED Lights Design

(Credit: GM)

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Cadillac Explains 2015 Escalade LED Lights Design

Cadillac LED Exterior Lighting

Cadillac LED Exterior Lighting (Credit: GM)

With a complete redesign of the Escalade for 2015, Cadillac is talking about many of the SUV’s features, including the unique LED exterior lights. The vertical lights on the model are strikingly unique. The company says designers based them largely off the glass and metal skyscrapers found in Manhattan. The combination of the metal and glass makes the lighting elements appear as if they are floating instead of being attached to the vehicle.

“The 2015 Escalade exterior light signature draws inspiration from a variety of sources, beginning with Cadillac’s heritage of vertical exterior lamps and extending into architecture,” said Martin Davis, the Exterior Lighting Design Manager for the Cadillac Escalade. “Iconic buildings, like the Hearst Tower in New York City, were a big inspiration due to the interplay of glass and metal.”

The vertical exterior lights also hearken back to earlier Cadillac models. The company has actually used vertical exterior vehicle lights since 1948. Martin Davis says that his team of designers drew heavily from past vehicle designs to create the LED lights on the new SUV.

The taillights on the 2015 Escalade are particularly nostalgic. Measuring about a meter tall each, the taillights recreate the dramatic flair of the large tailfins on Cadillac models from the 1960s. Davis and his team call the lights “neo-tailfins.” An edge-lit blade technology is used to create a unique look when the taillights are illuminated. Each light features the Cadillac Crest etched into the glass using a laser. The crests show up best when the taillights are illuminated.

The exterior of the 2015 Cadillac Escalade features 142 LED lights. 48 of those LEDs are used in the headlights, with 17 in each headlight and 7 in each lower fascia front lamp. In the rear, 94 LED lights are present. The two taillights use 29 LEDs each, while 36 LEDs are contained in the third brake light.

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