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Behold The Might Of Electric Jeeps

(Credit: YouTube)

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Behold The Might Of Electric Jeeps

Electric Jeep Wrangler

Electric Jeep Wrangler (Credit: YouTube)

With the big push to electrify all kinds of vehicles, it’s actually amazing few electric Jeeps exist. If you’re the least bit curious how instant torque delivery from a standstill does against diesel- and gasoline-powered Wranglers, wonder no more.

Just watch the video below of all-electric Jeeps in Korea showing off. It’s pretty amazing to watch a virtually silent Wrangler power over all kinds of obstacles. The EVs certainly hold their own and then some.

All of this should make you wonder how long it’ll be before FCA sees an opportunity. While most Jeep fans aren’t huge advocates for electric vehicles, maybe demonstrations like this could make them view a plug-in version of the Wrangler favorably? That would be good, because FCA has a hybrid Wrangler in the works, and a fully-electric model probably isn’t that far off.

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