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Automotive Nannies are Set to Make Cars Even Safer by 2022

(Credit: © GM)

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Automotive Nannies are Set to Make Cars Even Safer by 2022

GM shows off its Front Pedestrian Braking.

GM shows off its Front Pedestrian Braking. (Credit: © GM)

Automakers are convinced that humans cannot handle driving a car and they are showing their distrust by continually adding new safety features (AKA nannies) to their cars each and every year. Now, a new report from Automotive News indicates that a deal between all the major automakers assure that we will see automatic emergency braking as a standard feature on nearly all cars by 2022.

The deal includes all of the giants in the industry, like Toyota, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Honda Motor Company, and the Volkswagen Auto Group. With those big names all agreeing to the deal, it is no surprise to learn that more than 99 percent of vehicles sold in 2022 will have this damage- and injury-mitigating safety feature.

This deal comes in lieu of the NHTSA developing a legally-binding rule, but there is still a good chance that the Fed will roll out a rule of its own to make this a requirement of 100 percent of passenger vehicles. However, NHTSA Administrator, Mark Rosekind, says that is could take more than eight years to get an official rule in place.

While this all sounds great on the surface—safer cars are good, right?—it has a darker side. The first and most obvious issue is that this is yet another cost that will be passed on to the consumer. The second problem is the idiot who thinks he can this safety system as a reason to not hit the brakes at all.

We’ll bring you more on the standardization of these auto-braking systems as information becomes available. Stay tuned.

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