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7 Awesome Cars Under $25,000

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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7 Awesome Cars Under $25,000

2014 Ford Mustang

2014 Ford Mustang (Credit: newspress usa)

2. 2014 Ford Mustang V6

In terms of performance vehicles, it doesn’t get more popular in this price level than the Ford Mustang. This model, the V6, has a base starting MSRP of $22,200 and gives owners decent gas mileage (19 city, 29 highway). Among the basic features included in this vehicle is selectable electronic power assist steering (EPAS), LED sequential rear tail lamps, and a V6 performance package. With the EPAS, your steering is automatically adjusted depending on the speed in which you are moving. This helps you save on fuel mileage, but you can also choose between the steering modes of Standard, Sport, and Comfort. Each with it’s own unique feel, you have the freedom to decide which you prefer (and when to use it.)

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