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10 of the Nicest High MPG Cars For 2014

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10 of the Nicest High MPG Cars For 2014

Lexus-ES300hLexus ES300h via Wikimedia Commons

7. Lexus ES300h

If you want to benefit from the legendary Lexus build quality and interior luxuries, while at the same time achieving the kind of fuel mileage expected of a compact car, the ES300h is an excellent option. The midsize sedan achieves an EPA-estimated 40 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway. Comfort abounds for the driver and passengers, from a responsive yet highly cushioning suspension to interior space that is closer to what you would find in a full-size sedan. Overall, the driving experience is enjoyable, thanks to a precise steering setup and responsive brakes, plus controls that are easy to learn and use.

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