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BMW I8 Roadster Will Go The Distance

(Credit: BMW)

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BMW I8 Roadster Will Go The Distance

BMW is seriously about electrification. To prove it, the Bavarians will roll out the ultra-sexy i8 Roadster. Reportedly, this new model will double the electric-only range of the i8. To make this possible, BMW didn’t shove more batteries into the chassis. Instead, cutting-edge tech allows for more energy storage in the same space.

Just as important, BMW will make the i8 Roadster even more performance-oriented than the i8. It should push out about 400 horsepower. Revised chassis tuning will tighten up handling, too.

The i8 Roadster has some other juicy details. The soft top can open up in 14 seconds, and folds into the backseat. A new color, called Electric Copper, should give the car plenty of dramatic effect.

This info comes from BMW Blog, which gained intelligence from a VIP event in Belgium. The i8 Roadster and other upcoming models were revealed to the select group.

We don’t have long before the public reveal of the BMW i8 Roadster. BMW Blog predicts it’ll happen this month. That will provide solid range figures and more, assigning numbers to just how serious BMW is about electrification.

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