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Audi Is About to Unleash a New Model Flood

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Audi Is About to Unleash a New Model Flood

Audi’s lineup has been aging, but that’s changing in a hurry. The German automaker is about to unleash a new product offensive like you’ve never seen before, with other 20 new vehicle launches planned for 2018.

This comes just in time for Audi to shed its skin and leave the whole Dieselgate scandal behind. Volkswagen is also pushing a transformation, but not anywhere nearly as dramatic. Probably the high point of this year will be the new Audi Q8 SUV, because Americans love big SUVs. The Q7 is pretty big, in my opinion, yet it drives like a much smaller crossover.

Another big one is the upcoming E-Tron, which will be the brand’s first EV. Rumor has it the price will start around $100,000. Hopefully that’s not true, because that’s steep, but we’ll see soon enough. It’s the beginning of a push for 20 electrified models in Audi’s lineup by 2025

The most pressing question I have is if after the dust settles, will Audis all still look alike? Not that they look bad right now, but they’re too much like clones of each other.

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